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Ensuring Optimum Building Performance

Buildings can be managed better. The demands of those owning or occupying buildings are increasing. The requirements of the green agenda are expanding. Budgets remain tight.

Carnego Systems focusses on helping those responsible for designing, constructing and managing buildings. We provide new approaches to drive building performance.

Monitoring & Alarm Management

A straightforward alarm management service that uses the principles of continuous online monitoring. Ensures alarm conditions are identified and responded to correctly.

Online Building Engineering Service

A set of services to deliver enhanced building performance. Includes online monitoring, alarm management, enhanced data collection and analysis, online dashboards, energy management and carbon footprint monitoring.

Building Portfolio Management

Services tailored for those with large building portfolios. As the Online Building Engineering Service above, but with increased cross-portfolio benchmarking and analysis.


Energy Measurement & Optimization

A service tailored for those needing to focus on energy management issues. Comprehensive data collection, analysis and reporting including online dashboards.

Online Carbon Monitoring

For organizations wanting to get a grip of the carbon footprint of their buildings. Includes methodologies to include non-technical elements (e.g. employee travel to work) and online dashboards for internal and external stakeholders.

Online Commissioning Services

A new approach to managing the commissioning of a new building. Ensuring performance is optimized from day 1 and enabling effective management over the building lifecycle.

Intelligent management

We focus on intelligent management - not simply responding to system alarms but using automated data analysis. By collecting,integrating and
analysing data from the
building and the wider
enterprise we build a full
picture of building

From data... to information

Buildings managers can be plagued by mountains of data but little meaningful information. We focus on turning data into real information and knowledge. We do this by combining a
technical understanding of the
building with a clear
understanding of your
business objectives.

Across the building lifecycle

Our services can be applied across the building lifecycle. From improving the commissioning of new buildings through to retrofit of existing properties. We take a realistic and pragmatic approach to deliver services that are
appropriate to your
organization’s needs,
budget and timescales.

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