Our Vision

Making Buildings Better

Our vision is that all buildings are managed ‘online’ to ensure that they perform optimally. The waste caused by broken, ineffective and badly configured systems is removed. Energy is saved, costs are reduced and carbon emissions minimized.

We believe that making this happen is an urgent and compelling need.

A Strategic Imperative

In developed countries, buildings account for over 40% of total carbon emissions. If we are to hit national carbon reduction targets something must be done to reduce carbon from buildings.

Ensuring that new buildings are ‘green buildings’ is a good step, but will not solve the problem. For example, in the UK, the government has committed to a 80% reduction in carbon output by 2050. At the current replacement rate of commercial buildings, 70% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 already exist today. We cannot build our way to the carbon reduction target.

Retro-fitting existing buildings with better systems is another good step. For example, schemes to replace old, inefficient chillers with modern, low-carbon alternatives is a good thing. Actions like this raise the potential energy efficiency of a building.

However, the fact remains that most buildings in developed countries are operated at 15% - 35% below their potential energy efficiency. There are many traditional reasons for this from a lack of performance data, through the current high costs for energy analysis, to the difficulty of configuring building systems to match real building usage. It is this need that Carnego Systems addresses, providing innovative ways to monitor and manage large numbers of buildings, ensuring that performance is optimised cost-effectively.

A Continuous Process

Our approach is to provide a range of services that enable the continuous monitoring and management of building performance. This is different to (but complimentary with) the ‘project-based’ approach being widely adopted today.

Rather than focus on a one-off collection and analysis of performance data, we provide services that are doing this continuously. As building usage changes, system configurations can be tailored appropriately and the two kept in step. Our approach also avoids the gradual ‘drift’ in system performance that takes place in most building systems.

Make It Meaningful

A key part of the ‘smart services’ we offer is turning data into  meaningful information. This means taking the mass of engineering data from the building, combining it with data from the wider enterprise and then processing it to provide information that is meaningful to management and other stakeholders.

When doing this, we aim to meet three important objectives:

  1. provide information that is put in the context of the primary purpose of the organization (e.g. educating students, curing patients, selling widgets)

  2. use presentation styles and technology tailored to the audience

  3. provide a ‘call to action’ - make sure that information isn’t simply presented but leads the viewer as to what to do next

A Service-based Approach

We aim to provide an end-to-end service for our customers. Rather than simply supplying technology and expecting our customers to have the skills, resources and time to apply it, we provide a service that delivers real business results.

Services can be ‘unbundled’ if required to integrate with capabilities that our customers already have. We also provide services on a ‘white label’ basis so that FM and Building Engineering companies can seamlessly integrate our services into the wider portfolio of capabilities they off to their customers.

Reducing Barriers

In today’s economic circumstances we recognise that customers spending money now for benefits later may not be possible.

So, where possible, services can be offered without an upfront ‘installation’ cost. Minimum service terms do apply but the aim is to achieve real operational cost savings for our customers from ‘day 1’.

Influencing Human Behaviour

An important, but often unrecognised part of achieving an effective and efficient building is the influence of the human beings that use it.

We see that our services can play an important role in closing the feedback loop for building users.

Today people are told to be conscious of environmental factors and to ‘be green’. Most of the information they actually receive is very general in nature and does not have a close link to the buildings they actually use everyday.

By collecting and analysing real data from the buildings they use, we can provide specific feedback about the actions that can be taken by building users to reduce energy, carbon and cost.

Just as importantly, we can make the results of any behavioural changes immediately visible and meaningful. When people get real and immediate feedback on the impact of their behaviour, ‘bad’ behaviour can be tackled and ‘good’ behaviour reinforced.

Changing the World

Our vision is to change the way that buildings are managed. Changes that will result in more cost-effective buildings for their owners / tenants and better environments for the people who work and live in them.

This change won’t happen overnight, but we believe that organisations and the people within them are ready to make the next step forward.

We don’t see our services as a ‘silver bullet’ - they are only one part of an overall approach to building, energy and carbon management. But we do believe that they can play an important part of helping organisations meet their objectives and would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can help.

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