Business understanding

Successful projects result from meeting  clear business objectives. We are not interested in technology for technology’s sake, but will work with you to meet your strategic and tactical

goals. Our combination
of technical knowledge
and business experience
means you can rely on
us to get the job done.

Deep knowledge

We bring deep and practical knowledge of building technologies and systems. We understand what works and what doesn’t and make sure we keep ourselves at the leading-edge. We
understand large-scale
projects, their structures,
processes and

Wide experience

We have a wide breadth of experience across many industries. We apply best practice from within the construction and property management, and also apply proven techniques from other
industries. Our openness
to excellence wherever
we find it enable us to
deliver real innovation,
not just ‘business as usual’.

Professional Services

Solving problems. Driving performance.

Our menu of professional services is tailored to support you with specific expertise throughout the building life-cycle. From building the business case for integrated systems in a new building, turning around ‘failing’ projects or driving the performance of existing buildings we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Global expertise. The skills necessary for success. The passion to make it happen.

Business & Strategy Consulting

Define business strategies and build business cases

Project Consulting

Project management to deploy modern building technologies

Turnaround services to take-over and manage failing technology deployment projects

Client integration services where we act as the clients’ integrator, ensuring the integrated systems in a building are successfully delivered.

Documentation services to build, maintain and manage data and documentation for buildings, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations in your operating environment.


Carbon Services

Audits for energy usage and carbon emissions

Green building assessments

Technical Consulting

Specification of modern, integrated building technologies and their desired business outcomes.

Technical design services for modern building technologies

Software Design & Development

Software development - bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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