Delivering Results

Buildings can be managed better. The demands of those owning or occupying buildings are increasing. The requirements of the green agenda are expanding. Budgets remain tight.

Carnego Systems focusses on helping those responsible for designing, constructing and managing buildings. We provide new approaches to drive building performance.

Online Estimation System

An online application to enable building control projects to be estimated accurately and consistently.The application provides:

  1. accurate costing of building control projects

  2. full margin analysis

  3. multi-user, online system

  4. management control over core assumptions

  5. full audit trail & history

  6. production of key metrics

  7. parts list management

Provided on a ‘Software as a Service’ basis
with no upfront charges - you simply pay a
small monthly fee for each user of the system.

Automated Engineering Tool

Currently under development, the Automated Engineering Tool reduces project engineering for building control projects. Tightly integrated with the Online Estimation System, the tool provides:

  1. reduced engineering costs through automated software configuration

  2. use or build a library of system building blocks to speed design, estimation and engineering of systems

  3. automated graphics generation

  4. integration with leading BMS systems

To learn more about this tool and / or become
a lead beta customer, please get in touch at:

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Dashboards & Analytics Systems

We are developing a range of dashboard and analytics systems to support the ongoing expansion of our online services.

These systems enable:

  1. Clear and effective presentation of meaningful information distilled from the mass of data collected from a building.

  2. Sophisticated automated analysis of
    building data to analyse trends, automate
    engineering activities and detect cost
    reduction opportunities

In future, these systems will be made available
as separate software applications. Please
contact us to find out more.

Custom Application Development

As part of our range of professional services we offer customer application development. This can range from the production of simple device drivers through to the creation of complex software applications.

We have a wealth of real-world experience in:

  1. requirements analysis

  2. business case preparation

  3. application design

  4. software development

  5. testing & integration

For a conversation about your objectives and
requirements, please get in contact.

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